IMHR Gets A New President

The Institute for Mental Health Research has been under the wise and meticulous reign of Mike Meyer, the founder of Meyer Consulting and one of the masterminds behind IMHR and its many successes since 2001. Under Meyer, the Institute for Mental Health Research has grown and blossomed into the wonderful organization it is today, having funded numerous grants to researchers in the field of mental health and pioneered the EpiCenter project.

However, Meyer stepped down last month, nominating his replacement, Keith Crnic, Ph.D. Crnic is the Chair of the Arizona State University Department of Psychology and is a renown clinician and researcher in the field of developmental psychology. His resume is impressive to be sure, but he also brings with him a plethora of new ideas and fresh, innovative plans that have been warmly received by the rest of the board. After his conversations with the other members of IMHR’s board, he has determined that his primary goals are to strengthen ties to IMHR’s initial mission and to strengthen the grants programs while reimagining the internal mechanisms and picking the Institute up and moving it forward.

Meyer, for his part, is incredibly optimistic about IMHR and its new leadership. The founder is far from gone, though, choosing to step into an executive committee member position on the board and remain an active part of IMHR. He will continue to ensure the Institute’s wellbeing and bring his expertise and knowledge to every major decision and conversation.

At the most recent board meeting, Crnic stated that “the Institute is alive and well,” and he expressed his boundless excitement for the prospects that lie ahead and for the opportunity to bring his own unique background, ideas, and flair to the already thriving Institute.

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