Have You Heard? IMHR’s First Annual Symposium on Early Intervention for Psychosis is Coming to Phoenix in February!

The Institute for Mental Health Research has endeavored over the past few months to create a series of engaging educational events for 2018 that showcase all the nuances and advances that have been made and are being made in the field of mental health research. This past year, the doors opened at the IMHR’s Epicenter, our early psychosis intervention center, that was pioneered by Dr. Nicholas Breitborde and Dr. Amelia Gallitano, two brilliant IMHR researchers with a visionary new approach to treating early-episode psychosis.

IMHR Epicenter is now treating numerous patients in the Phoenix area and is a uniquely multi-faceted approach to care, incorporating the newest in treatments (including cognitive behavioral therapy, medical management, multi-family psychoeducation, and more!) with scientists whose research is dedicated to improving the lives and outcomes for sufferers of psychosis.

All of this research and innovation in early episode psychosis has culminated in the first annual Symposium on Early Intervention for Psychosis, which will be taking place on February 8th at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel. It will feature talks from Dr. Breitborde and Dr. Gallitano, as well as from renown psychosis expert, Dr. Cheryl Corcoran. For more information, click here!

We hope to see you there!

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