Mental Illness Prevalence in America

The commonality of mental health issues in America is often vastly underestimated. Mental health issues in the United States are significantly more prevalent than we often realize. According to the National Institutes of Mental Health, almost 20% of Americans have issues with mental illness, nearly 45 million people. In most cases, mental illnesses appear before the age of 25, further underscoring the importance of concern for mental health in young populations. With mental health issues making themselves most known in adolescents and young adults, high schools, colleges, and parents need to be on the lookout for signs of mental health problems and do their part to offer help and resources. We, as an organization are doing our part to destigmatize mental illness and provide grants to fund critical research into the conditions that affect millions of people across the country and the world every day. We have a variety of resources available to the community in Arizona that can be viewed here, and put on an array of scientist- and researcher-led events to demystify mental health disorders and the research being done to improve the lives of those who live with them. These events are a great resource to increase your knowledge and understanding!┬áTo this end, we have also created a fact sheet that you can view with a variety of information about the pervasiveness of mental health issues, and there will be more to come! If you’re interested in helping us propel research and education in mental health forward, please consider making a donation!


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