Celebrate Mother’s Day with the Institute for Mental Health Research!

Mother’s Day is a spectacular reminder of all that the women in our lives have done and continue to do for us on a daily basis. Women’s mental health issues are increasingly prevalent (or increasingly reported and documented) and are gaining considerably more traction in the research fields of psychology, psychiatry, and neuroscience.

Research in mental health issues that affect predominantly women have been historically underrepresented, underfunded, and underexplored. While overall occurrence rates of mental illness in men and women are approximately the same, the nature of which types of mental illness occur, how they manifest, and the risk factors leading to their emergence can vary drastically based on gender.

The Institute for Mental Health Research is working to change this trend of invisibility and funding allocation discrimination with incredible, talented research minds likeĀ Dr. Marlene Freeman, who established the University of Arizona’s Women’s Mental Health program nearly 20 years ago and has continued to expand the horizons of research in the field. Her groundbreaking research in perinatal (postpartum) depression was in-part funded by an IMHR grant made possible by committed donors like you.

This Mother’s Day, you can join IMHR in our mission in honor of your mother, grandmother, or other special people in your life by donating to our cause in their name. 100% of donations go directly into funding mental health research grants for our investigators in the state of Arizona.

Your donations and support are always greatly appreciated, and happy Mother’s Day from the Institute for Mental Health Research to you and yours!

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