Happy Mental Health Awareness Month!

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month!

In the United States, the month of May has been dedicated to raising awareness and providing information and resources about mental health since 1949. This year marks the 70th anniversary of this campaign!

We at the Institute for Mental Health Research have made it our mission to fund research on mental health issues and conditions that affect the people in our lives on a daily basis, and campaigns such as MHAM are a key aspect of raising awareness and reducing stigma. Mental illness is not in any way, shape, or form uncommon. In fact, approximately 20% of American adults experience some form of mental health-related issue in a given year. Despite its clear prevalence, mental health still receives a fraction of the attention, research funding, and awareness of physical ailments, which is an issue we are working tirelessly to change. IMHR has done a multiplicity of educational events — on a broad variety of topics ranging from depression, to autism spectrum disorders, to bipolar disorder, to women’s mental health —  that are helping to open up the conversation about mental illness and close the gap. IMHR, thanks to our incredible donors, has also pumped millions of donor dollars into cutting-edge research in mental health that is propelling us towards a better understanding of and better treatments for mental illness.

Mental Health Awareness Month is a chance for us to get involved in destigmatizing mental illnesses and engendering conversations about the topic with the people in our lives by spreading the word about mental health and by spreading understanding. To this end, we have created a fact sheet that you can view here about the prevalence of mental illness and stigma in America.

If you’re interested in helping IMHR in our mission, please consider donating here. Every dollar goes towards funding investigators doing research in mental health in the state of Arizona.

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