Abnormal Experiences of Life

Many mental disorders have an initial onset in early adult life.  They can have a devastating effect on a person's ability to function in the work place and in social relationships, and may lead to premature death though illness or suicide. The causes of most mental disorders are multi-factorial, with contributions from genes and neurobiology, as well as from environmental circumstances and stress.  Understanding these processes holds the key to the development of more effective treatments.

Below is a list of researchers that we have funded in this area with the support of our wonderful donors. Click on the researchers name or grant title to learn more about the researcher and their respective research project(s).



John Allen, PhD Imaging the "Affective" Anterior Cingulate in Depression
John Allen, PhD The Interaction of Candidate Genes and Frontal Brain Asymmetry in Risk for Depression
Cheryl Conrad, PhD Chronic Stress & Gender Effects on Prefrontal Cortex: Implications for Depression
Ronald Lukas, PhD Nicotonic Acetylcholine Receptors in Mental Health
Richard Lane, MD, PhD Neural Basis of Vagal Tone Dysregulation in Depression
Francisco Moreno, MD Association of Monoamine Systems Genes and Depression


Cancer and Depression

Karen Weihs, MD Depression Care in Cancer Patients - Adapting a Model from Primary Care


Bipolar Disorder

David Craig, PhD Genome-wide Case Control Association Study in Bipolar Using Pooled Genomic DNA



Nicholas Breitborde, MD Multifamily Psychoeducation and Cognitive Remediation for First-Episode Psychosis
Amelia Gallitano-Mendel MD, PhD
Matthew Huentelman, PhD
Identification of Novel Schizophrenia Associations in the RF and ARC Genes
Jie Wu, MD, PhD Nicotonic Receptors in the VTA and it's Modulation of DA Neuron Function
Jie Wu, MD, PhD Hippocampal Gamma Oscillations in Nicotine - and Ketamine - Treated Rats


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Patricia Haynes, PhD Development of a Chronobiologically - Informed Intervention for Comorbid PTSD/MDD
Martha Kent, PhD Building Resilience: A Neurobiologically-based Affective Intervention for PTSD
Patricia Haynes, PhD &
Michael Marks, PhD
Development of Behavioral Sleep Medicine Intervention for Iraq Military Personnel


Substance Dependence  

Edward Castaneda, PhD Presynaptic Mechanisms of Cross-sensitization in Stimulant Drug Addiction


Emotions and Physical Health

Arthur Craig, PhD Homeostasis and Emotion
Mary Davis, PhD Emotional Resilience in FibromyalgiaL A study of web-based treatment
Richard Lane, MD, PhD &
Cynthia Stonnington, MD
Deficits in Mental Representation of Emotion in Somatizing Patients
Nicole Roberts, PhD Emotional Responding in Psychogenic Nonepeliptic Seizures