November 5, 2016

Developmental Experiences of Life

Developmental Experiences of Life

Tasks associated with normal development, such as becoming financially and emotionally independent of one’s family of origin, getting married, having children, and aging and retirement can be stressful and lead to the development of psychopathology.  Identifying risk factors for problems arising from normal developmental experiences and effective treatments for these special circumstances can allow life’s transitions to proceed without more deleterious consequences.

Below is a list of researchers that we have funded in this area with the support of our wonderful donors. Click on the researcher’s name on the Our Researchers page to learn more about the researcher and their respective research project(s).

Maternal Depression

Marlene Freeman, M.D. – Neonatal Antidepressant Syndrome: Drug Exposure or Maternal Depression

Post Partum Depression

Marlene Freeman, M.D. – STOPP-PPD/ Screening to Treatment: Obstacles and Predictors in Postpartum Depression
Jaswinder Ghuman, M.D. – Offspring Psychopathology and Treatment Needs in Postpartum Depression
Barry Weiss, M.D. – Is Low Literacy A Risk Factor For Postpartum Depression?


Felipe Castro, Ph.D. – Resilience in Arizona Hispanic Leaders
Kathryn Lemery-Chalfant, Ph.D. – Genetic and Environmental Precursors to Resilience and Child Mental Health