June 14, 2017

A. D. “Bud” Craig, Ph.D

A. D. “Bud” Craig, Ph.D

Principal Investigator/Director, Atkinson Pain Research Laboratory

Barrow Neurological Institute



Dr. Craig is a functional neuroanatomist interested in the representation of feelings from the body, which affects theories of emotion and consciousness. His research focuses on sensory pathways and the role that certain neurons play in pain, temperature, itch, and other sensations related to the physiological condition of the body. Dr. Craig received a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from Michigan State University and a Doctorate degree in neurophysiology from Cornell University. Dr. Craig holds an appointment at Arizona State University as Research Professor in Psychology; he holds an appointment at the University of Arizona as Research Professor of Cell Biology and Anatomy. Dr. Craig is also a faculty member of the Graduate Program in Neuroscience at Arizona State University.

Title of Grant Funded:
Homeostasis and Emotion