June 14, 2017

Matthew Huentelman, Ph.D.

Matthew Huentelman, Ph.D.

Professor, Neurogenomics Division

Head of the Neurobehavioral Research Unit

TGen (Translational Genomics Research Institute)


Dr. Huentelman is a Professor in the Neurogenomics Division where his research interests center around the investigation of the “-omics” (genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics) of neurological traits and disease. His laboratory’s overarching goal is to leverage findings in these disciplines to better understand, diagnose, and treat human diseases of the nervous system. His laboratory focuses on the study of autism, Alzheimer’s disease, and aging.

Title of Grant Funded:
Cognitive function in a transitional versus surgical rat model of menopause


Current Research Update: “My research uses human genomics technologies to understand the basis for neurological diseases.”

How IMHR Helped Facilitate This: “The IMHR grant helped to cement a collaboration between myself and a colleague at the University of Arizona. We published a manuscript as part of the IMHR funded work and have since submitted multiple federal grant applications based on our collaboration.”