November 5, 2016

Research In Childhood

Research in Childhood

Research in children is important because the emotional and behavioral problems of children tend to persist or to develop into other disorders later in life, if not successfully treated.  Childhood is the ideal time to intervene to prevent problems from arising or, when they do, to prevent them from becoming chronic and interfering with academic and social development.

Below is a list of researchers that we have funded in this area with the support of our wonderful donors. Click on the researcher’s name on the Our Researchers page to learn more about the researcher and their respective research project(s).


Dietrich Scheres, Ph.D. – The Neural Basis of Reward Anticipation in Medication-Naive Adolescents with ADHD

Anxiety Disorders

Armando Pina, Ph.D. – Acercamiento: An Exposure-Based Treatment for Anxiety Disorders in Latin Youths


Jaswinder Ghuman, M.D. – Autism and ADHD Research Start-up Grant
Dietrich Stephan, Ph.D. – High Density SNP Genotyping of Families with Autism

Other Childhood Psychopathology

Kathryn Lemery-Chalfant, Ph.D. – Social Relations and Child Psychopathology: A Twin Study
Michele Perfect, Ph.D. – Integrating Medical and Psychological Services for Adolescents with Diabetes

Rett Syndrome

Vinodh Narayanan, Ph.D. – Neurobiology of Rett Syndrome: Novel Functions of MeCP2