Jie Wu, M.D., Ph.D.

Director of Neurophysiology Laboratory
Professor, Division of Neurology
Barrow Neurological Institute

Barrow Neurological Institute



Dr. Jie Wu joined Barrow in 1998 as a principal investigator and as Director of Epilepsy Research. Since 2000 he has overseen several research projects on the physiology, pharmacology, and pathophysiology of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChR) using both heterologously expressed and natural nAChRs. Dr. Wu also investigates the epileptogenesis of human gelastic seizures using surgically resected human hypothalamic hamartoma tissue from patients with gelastic seizures. He is a leader in the study of the epileptogenic mechanisms underlying human hypothalamic hamartomas. He has used his experience as an electrophysiologist to make significant contributions to the study of nAChRs. The research programs that constitute the Neurophysiology Laboratory have been funded by NIH and other foundations. Since 2000, Dr. Wu’s laboratory has been funded by two NIH RO1 grants, two NIH U19 grants, a NIH R21 grant, two grants from the Arizona Biomedical Research Commission, two grants from Philip Morris External Research, and 10 grants from the Barrow Neurological Institute Neuroscience Foundation. In addition to being the author of more than 100 peer-reviewed research articles and 5 book chapters, Dr. Wu has also applied for 6 U.S. patents (two of which have been granted with the other four pending). Dr. Wu is an adjunct professor at Arizona State University (2002-Present), Nanjing Medical Science University, China (2004-Present), Beijing Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, China (2005-Present) and, most recently, Shantou University Medical College, China (2010-Present). Dr. Wu pursued postdoctoral training at both the University of New Mexico (1994-1996) and Tohoku University School of Medicine (Japan, 1993-1994). He received his PhD from Sun Yet-Sen University of Medical Sciences (China, 1985-1990) and his MD from Xuzhou Medical College (China, 1978-1983). 

Title of Grant Funded: 
Hippcampal gamma oscillations in nicotine – and Ketamine-treated rats
Additional Grants Received: 

Nicotinic receptors in the VTA and its modulation of DA neuron function