Mental Illness Prevalence in America

The commonality of mental health issues in America is often vastly underestimated. Mental health issues in the United States are significantly more prevalent than we often realize. According to the National Institutes of Mental Health, almost 20% of Americans have issues with mental illness, nearly 45 million people. In most cases, mental illnesses appear before Read more about Mental Illness Prevalence in America[…]

Happy Mental Health Month!

May is national Mental Health Month! This is the time we raise awareness and increase understanding of mental health issues and their treatments and prevalence, both in America and globally. Mental Health Month provides us with a golden opportunity to combat stigma and provide accurate information. 1 in 5 adults in the United States are Read more about Happy Mental Health Month![…]

The IMHR Prize is Coming!

At IMHR, we believe that research is the future of mental health and care. Since our founding in 2001, IMHR has given millions of dollars in research grants to nearly 50 scientists in Arizona who are paving the way for innovation and improvement, and those grants then incur larger pools of funding on the national Read more about The IMHR Prize is Coming![…]

Guest Scientist: Abnormal Blood Vessels in the Eye Linked with Schizophrenia – Dr. Madeline Meier

Schizophrenia is a debilitating mental illness characterized by psychosis (i.e., hallucinations, delusions) and cognitive deficits. Despite more than a century of research, the causes of schizophrenia are unclear. Recently, however, researchers discovered something that they think will help them understand why some people develop schizophrenia. Researchers discovered that people with schizophrenia have abnormal retinal blood Read more about Guest Scientist: Abnormal Blood Vessels in the Eye Linked with Schizophrenia – Dr. Madeline Meier[…]

IMHR’s Early Psychosis Intervention Center (Epicenter)

Under the tutelage and guidance of Dr. Nick Breitborde, an expert in psychiatry, schizophrenia, and psychosis, IMHR has spearheaded an ambitious and game-changing project in mental health care: a center, backed by a research institute, dedicated to helping teens and young adults struggling with early episodes of psychotic disorders. Why is this center so outside Read more about IMHR’s Early Psychosis Intervention Center (Epicenter)[…]