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IMHR Prize

The IMHR Prize for Excellence and Innovation in Mental Health Research is our newest way to reward outstanding achievements in the science of mental health! Applications are due on January 25th and the awards gala will be held in May. Visit our page to learn more!

Go to The First Annual Symposium on Early Intervention for Psychosis

The First Annual Symposium on Early Intervention for Psychosis

IMHR and IMHR EpiCenter are kicking off 2018 with an amazing educational event on February 8th that is dedicated to early psychosis intervention and will feature amazing guest speakers who are experts on the subject, including Dr. Cheryl Corcoran, Dr. Nicholas Breitborde, and Dr. Amelia Gallitano!

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IMHR’s Research Grant Cycles

As always, our primary focus and mission is to fund research in mental health, so keep your eyes peeled for more information on our upcoming grant cycles~


the Institute for Mental Health Research
Investing in mental health research

The Institute for Mental Health Research (IMHR) provides critical seed funding for research in the field of mental health. IMHR provides creative investigators and research teams the initial funding they require to explore the complex mechanisms that underlie the psychological and neurobiological processes of mental disorders. The goal of IMHR’s efforts is to further understand the nature of mental disorders, their effect on the individual and their family, and to develop effective treatments to ameliorate them.

  • $2 million dollars

  • $17 million

  • Follow-up research support from federal and foundation sources has brought $10.64 for every dollars that IMHR has invested in seed projects

  • A total of 49 research scientists have received seed support since 2001


Meet our executive committee members

Keith Crnic, Ph.D.

Board Chair
Chair of the ASU Department of Psychology and clinical developmental psychologist and researcher

Michael F. Meyer

Executive Committee Member
Meyer Consulting Founder and President

Mary Davis, Ph.D.

Board Secretary
Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University

Mark Landy, CPA

Executive Committee Member

Sara T. Gordon

Board Treasurer
Capital Advisor at J.P. Morgan Chase Bank

Gary Grove, M.D.

Vice President of the Board
Practicing Psychiatrist

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